Catalogue Number: 6101

Program Date: January 8, 2005


Fireman Duck sings the short Sesame Street Theme song before the announcer reminds you that you're gonna see the green words and then find out after this song.

Clover says goodbye to Clifford's Puppy Days before she welcomes you to the first day of Summit. Bag wants to go see their Summit friends like Michael, Joey, Miss Deb, Danny, Sammy, David, Monica, and all their Summit friends from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM to say Good Afternoon to Bag and all his Summit friends. They have fun together while exploring them but in the training center Bag and his Summit friends were about to watch something on Internet Explorer what Bag wants to watch too. Like "Maria Fixes Snuffy's Toaster", "Poconoko", "Elmo Gets a Boo-boo", "Take a Bird to Work Day", "Alice Throws Temper Tantrums", and more. "Alice Throws Temper Tantrums" with green words in the calypso version of the Sesame Street Theme that have Grover and Prairie Dawn in it.


In the first episode, there was the text on the cloudy sky background during the calypso version of the Sesame Street Theme song that have Grover and Prairie Dawn. "Big Bird in China", "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street", and "Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art" were released August 14, 1990.


This was the first day of Summit located on Stahl Road New York.

  1. Random House Home Video Logo
  2. Children's Television Workshop Logo (1983-1997)
  3. Start of the Program

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