Catalogue Number: 6430

Program Date: October 20, 2005


On the eighth and final episode, Clover talks to the viewer about the world to be prepared and wonders they'll come back after this song. She also reminds that 2955 like the letters "S" and "Z" and the number 6.

Pippi's friends are going to the train with Pippi's horse, Nelson. "All aboard!" shouted the train conductor. The train huffed and puffed there again. Pippi waved goodbye to them before they come back. Two guys were quietly tiptoed to them because it's just lunchtime. "Bye-bye, heh." "Take A Bird To Work Day" can be used on the calypso version of the Sesame Street Theme that have Grover and Prairie Dawn. And so, Pippi's friends come to a world to go to a train. "Bye-bye, heh."

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