Welcome to Pippi Longstocking's Adventures!

Everyone's Spunky little orphan was adapted from the books by Astrid Lindgren.

In the 1978 hit motion picture "Pippi Longstocking", Pippi was orphaned and moves into an small town where she met Tommy and Annika Settergren (and Bigwig too). She makes pancakes outside (Later in the book) until he meets Goofy and Donald, the two poachers that will arrest him. Soon, Pippi chases Goofy and Donald, throws plates at them and chases them all around the house. The chase was over and Bigwig brings out an large flower and leaves. Mr. Nilsson has vomit during the chase and fells better while he was hanging by an flower. The next day, Pippi, Tommy, Annika and Bigwig rode on an horse and goes to school. The horse smashes the school door and Pippi tells the school children stories. Later, an alvashed monkey named Zephir brings out an young suburban girl, Agnes Fluffy out of the school while Ord was talking to the teacher. Another day, Pippi and the gang goes on an circus and practice his sessions. While at the circus, he meets King Julien shows her the little orphaned lemur, Mort and tells Bigwig that he likes Mort. So they decided to sneak out to the room. On the third day, Pippi washes the floors and visits Gloria Dump (in which there's an chase on the streets). The next day, Pippi, Tommy, Annika And Bigwig visit the teacher explains the last time they talked to Ord and faints. Back at Villa Villekula, Zak and Wheezie tell them that the people had an coffee party. The worried kids are disappointed at this and runs away. While on an journey, they find The Maze of Gardens that they have flowers on it. Then, there's something on the bushes, An stranger approached. It was Bigwig, who was hiding through somewhere in the woods. After the horse loves pancakes and finds an way out, Tommy finds a ball and Annika saws it. A ship had appeared and Pippi calls it the "S.S. Badger". The ship was floating away and Pippi accidentally loses Tommy, Annika and Bigwig and takes them while Bigwig jumps in the water and swims faster. Pippi tells him that he was an good swimmer and Bigwig thanked him. They explore the ship that they end up an tidal wave and the ship crashes straight to the 'Pricker-leaves'. Pippi tells Bigwig that he'll take care of her horse and the bunny leaves. Ord was in the poop deck because he was so afraid of heights when Bigwig shows up. Then the kingdom's sinister lieutenant Clarabelle was so dreadful when Bigwig had fixed the ship. It was sunset and Agnes discuss an plan for the orphaned Mickey, The cute toddler Boo and the happy Mort. Then suddenly, the ship has going to sank and ran toward Goofy and Donald again. Before

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