The opening and closing sequence from the projects that have a Barney Says segment comes in the end that have the announcer Noel MacNeal reading the title card aloud in the beginning then the first scene of the story then in the middle to sing this friendship number called "My Best Friend" then the next scene of the story that have the Direction Game for the episodes of Dora with her friends Boots the Monkey, Swiper the Fox, Tico the Squirrel, Isa the Iguana, Benny the Bull, Map, and Backpack then in the end we use the closing number called Try To Touch The Sky in the end before it is time for Barney Says for a segment about what had happened before the credits follow.

  1. Sesame Street Audio and Video Preview
  2. Sesame Street CD and Cassette Preview
  3. Sony Wonder FBI Warning Screen
  4. Sony Wonder Logo (1995-2006)
  5. CTW Logo (1997-2000)
  6. Start of the Program
  1. Ending of the Program
  2. Try To Touch The Sky
  3. Barney Says Segment
  4. End Credits
  5. Big Bird says Toodleloo
  6. Previews of other audio and video products